Resolution 2004-01-05.dbg.1: Norwegian Debian trademark

Wichert Akkerman secretary at
Sat Jan 17 13:35:05 UTC 2004

At its last meeting the board of directors accepted the resolution

Resolution 2004-01-05.dbg.1: Norwegian Debian trademark


1. In resolution 2003-06-03.bmh.1[1], the board of directors of Software
   in the Public Interest, Inc. ("SPI") authorized the creation of a
   trademark committee to investigate the current use of the SPI
   trademark and make recommendations for future policy and use. In the
   same resolution, the board authorized the trademark committee to
   retain the law firm of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton for
   trademark related work as described in the resolution.

2. A new foundation known as Stiftelsen SLX Debian Labs (the
   "Foundation") has been established in Norway to promote the use and
   values of Free Software in the Norwegian educational system and to
   sponsor the Debian-Edu subproject.

3. The board, on behalf of and after consultation with the Debian
   project, believes it would be in the best interest of the Debian
   project to permit the Foundation to use the Debian name and logos in
   Norway subject to a customary trademark license agreement (the
   "License Agreement").

5. Ms. Astri Lund and Mr. Felix Reimers of the law firm Grette in Oslo,
   Norway have have generously offered to assist SPI, on a pro bono
   basis, in registering the DEBIAN name and logos as trademarks in
   Norway, and in drafting the License Agreement.

6. The costs of registering a trademark in Norway, given pro bono
   assistance from Grette, will be approximately USD 275 per class of
   mark or approximately USD 550 for the registration of the DEBIAN name
   and one logo.


7. that, as recommended by the trademark committee, the board shall
   retain the law firm of Grette, on a pro bono basis, to work with
   Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton on obtaining registered trademarks
   in Norway for the DEBIAN name and logos, as shall be authorized by
   the Debian Project Leader working in consultation with the trademark

8. that each of the officers and directors of SPI, Inc. is hereby
   authorized to negotiate and enter into the License Agreement on
   behalf of SPI, Inc., in a form to be approved by the Debian Project

9. that the Debian Project Leader may authorize expenditures of up to
   $700 for any expenses incurred in connection with the foregoing, and
   that additional funds may be provided by the Foundation or another
   third party.

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