Annual board member elections

Wichert Akkerman secretary at
Thu Jul 1 22:12:45 UTC 2004

As specified in resolution 2004-06-01.dbg.2 SPI will hold an election to
replace all members of the board of directors whose term has expired or
will expire during the election period.

This year the terms of Ean Schuessler and Wichert Akkerman have ended
and their positions are open for reelection.

The elections start today with a nomination period from July 1 to end of
July 14.  Nominations can be send to the secretary of the board at
secretary at .  From July 15 to the end of July 28 all
contributing members can vote on the nominees. Voting will be done as
usual using the Condorcet election method system using
Cloneproof/Schwartz Sequential Dropping.

I would like to invite everyone who is interested in a position
on the board of directories to submit a nomination. Please note that
elected nominees will not have to take the positions of president
and secretary that Ean and Wichert currently have: the new board
will elect officers from its members after the elections.


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