Resolution 2004-05-04.dbg.2.iwj.1: Expedited financial problems solving

David Graham - SPI Secretary cdlu at
Fri Oct 15 21:26:10 UTC 2004

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This resolution was approved by the Board of Directors on May 4th,
2004[*], and expires on November 4th, 2004.

Resolution 2004-05-04.dbg.2.iwj.1: Expedited financial problems solving

WHEREAS SPI currently faces a problem with incomplete paperwork;

WHEREAS SPI's President is attempting to mend all incomplete paperwork
problems with the help of his company;

WHEREAS SPI has a new Treasurer, and the Treasurer is responsible for all
corporate finances;

WHEREAS these problems will be resolved;

The Board of Directors resolves that

1. The President and Treasurer shall keep the Board of Directors and
Contributing membership apprised of their progress at regular intervals
not to exceed one month;

2. The Treasurer may take any steps, including expenditures, necessary to
carry on his duties as Treasurer without further approval from the Board,
up to a budgetary limit of $100 per month of corporate general funds;

3. This resolution and all its clauses shall expire 6 (six) months from
the date it is passed.

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David Graham, SPI Secretary
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