Meeting schedule change, and tentative meeting schedule for 2005

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Tue Mar 1 20:20:38 UTC 2005

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Motion 2005-03-01.jrk.1, seconded by Branden Robinson, states:

I move that we make our meetings the third Tuesday of every month at 19:00

The motion was passed and SPI board meetings will now take place on the
third Tuesday of every month at 19:00 UTC in #spi on,
effectively immediately.

The meeting schedule for this calendar year continues:

Monthly meeting: March 15th, 2005
Quarterly meeting: April 19th, 2005
Monthly meeting: May 17th, 2005
Monthly meeting: June 21st, 2005
Annual meeting: July 1st, 2005
Quarterly meeting: July 19th, 2005
Monthly meeting: August 16th, 2005
Monthly meeting: September 20th, 2005
Quarterly meeting: October 18th, 2005
Monthly meeting: November 15th, 2005
Monthly meeting: December 20th, 2005
Quarterly meeting: January 17th, 2006.

Note, quarterly meetings are provided for in the by-laws, but the monthly
meetings must be announced in advance. That is the distinction. Annual
meetings are separate and provided for independently in the by-laws.

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