Resolution 2017-10-12.mzh.1: Supporting FSFE's "Public Money, Public Code" campaign

Valerie Young secretary at
Mon Jan 1 17:36:55 UTC 2018

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their
meeting of December 11, 2017.


1. The FSFE has established a "Public Money, Public Code" campaign that
advocates that all software developed for the public sector using public
funds be made available under a Free and Open Source Software licence.

2. By adopting a "public code" policy, public bodies contribute
materially to the free and open software commons.


1. SPI agrees to be listed as a Supporting Organization of the "Public
Money, Public Code" campaign.

2. SPI encourages members to support this campaign by signing the Open
Letter on

Valerie Young
Secretary, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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