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> Please comment on/revise/complain/whatever about the below.  Particularly,
> we need to decide on self-organization issues right away, such as in 1(a).
> Draft agenda, present -- June 2003
> ----------------------------------
> 1. Self-organization
>    a. Voting procedures
>       We should decide on just what needs a vote and how to conduct them.
>       I suggest that we vote on our initial organization and agenda,
>       and on the documents we issue as we go along.  We could make voting
>       easy -- whenever 3 people vote yes, the item passes; and whever
>       3 vote no, the item fails.  These numbers could be reduced if we
>       know some members are going to be unable to vote.  Business
>       will be conducted by e-mail.
>    b. Deciding on our output
>       We'll need to issue at least one document: a proposal for bylaws
>       amendments.  We can also consider issuing others, such as a rationale
>       for each proposed change.  We'll probably update these as we
>       go along.
>    c. Selection of first secretary
>       We should chose someone from our members to act as secretary,
>       maintaining our documents and tabulating results of votes.
>       This secretary need not be the same person for the entire duration
>       of the committee.
> 2. Identification of problems
>    Our charter contains a list of things we are to consider, and also leaves
>    the door open for us to identify other problems.  This stage should be
>    solely the formation of a list of things we agree need help, and in the
>    next stage, we'll decide whether each problem should be fixed by
>    a bylaws amendment, and if so, how to do so.

To this end I suggest we all take an independant look at the bylaws and
note down everywhere we think there needs to be clarification. Any aspect
that at least 3 of committee members agree needs study then gets further
study and proposed changes (as discussed in 3).

> 3. Drafting of solutions
>    For each separate problem, we will decide whether a solution is best
>    achieved with a bylaws amendment, and if so, what the amendment should
>    be.
> 4. Publication of results
>    We will publish results as listed in section 1b.
> As a final note, I see my role as one of making sure that our work advances
> in a timely fashion and is done in accordance with applicable existing
> resolutions and bylaws rules.  If anyone has a problem with that, speak now
> or forever hold your peace :-)

I'm speaking now to hold my peace, and I vote "yes" to accept this as our
procedures. :)

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