Procedural update

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Tue Feb 4 04:32:24 UTC 2003

To answer a few quick questions:

 * For now, I don't propose to hold meetings via IRC.  It is hard to find a
time where everyone can meet, so I'm not sure that is going to be really
workable.  However, if one of our committee members wants to organize that,
feel free.

 * Our immediate roadmap is: 1) decide on our output, 2) select a secretary,
and 3) proceed to identification of problems.  I want us to move along to
getting real work done (#3), so if there is no disagreement on #1 and #2,
I'll try to move us along to #3 quickly -- hopefully by the end of the week
at the latest.

Still working off this agenda:

As always, feedback encouraged.

I think it may be useful to adopt a policy that "silence will be interpreted
as agreement on procedural matters" :-)  Most/all of these should be

-- John

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