Next step -- Deciding on output

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Wed Feb 5 19:08:53 UTC 2003

Taral wrote:
>Could have fooled me. Most full resolutions look like:
>WHEREAS, <reasons for doing this>
>RESOLVED, <things to do>.
What I'm suggesting is that in our proposed motion/resolution/whatever, we
leave off the WHEREAS part.  I think that we do not need to be expressing a
"sense of the membership" about background information, just getting it
done.  This also makes reforms easier to pass because disagreements on
background information will not lead to blocking passage.

I think that even including the word "RESOLVED" in it anywhere will be more
structured than anything SPI has seen yet :-)

>Note that motions and resolutions are different. The secretary of SPI
>has been (incorrectly) referring to motions as resolutions. That is
>their prerogative.

Good catch.  I looked this up in the bylaws and it seems to be correct
there, just misused elsewhere.

-- John

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