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>>>>> In article <20030205190853.GA24855 at>, John Goerzen <jgoerzen at> writes:

 > What I'm suggesting is that in our proposed
 > motion/resolution/whatever, we leave off the WHEREAS part.  I think
 > that we do not need to be expressing a "sense of the membership"
 > about background information, just getting it done.  This also
 > makes reforms easier to pass because disagreements on background
 > information will not lead to blocking passage.

	I might be missing something here. I could not care less
 about the legalistic phraseology; but the important point is that the
 first thing stated is the reason for the change, and then comes the
 proposal; I would strongly recommend that we do not divorce the two. 

	Som if you are mewrely talking abuot psuedo legalese, fine,
 but the underlying principle of keeping the reationale with the
 proposed changes, I would tend to oppose separation.

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