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>>>>> In article <20030214120441.10166231.david at>, David B Harris <david at> writes:

 > I would suggest instead that you omit all references to _any_ types
 > of meeting in the by-laws. By-laws are supposedly to be helpful to
 > an organisation; unless there is a real need, limiting their
 > meetings to some given forum will only serve to ... well, limit
 > them :)

	Are we discussing this, then? I disagree: as long as the list
 is not meant to be exhaustive, there is no restrictions on the
 mechanism of the meeting

 > I would suggest, instead, that a mandate for a certain number of
 > meetings be held in a certain time period, with minutes available
 > publicaly after <x> days. Leave it at that, and let the board
 > conduct business as is most suitable to both the business at hand
 > and the members of the board themselves.

	No. Putting my board member hat on for a moment, the cause
 celebre for this committee's formation is because the board could not
 act; merely increasing the number of board members is not going to
 ameliorate that.

	We are meant to investigate methodologies that shall allow
 the board to conduct business effectively; and specifically putting
 in a process that enables the board to conduct business in a
 non-real time format is essential.

	I would go so far as to say if we do not address the problem
 of making board effective at conducting business (like handling the
 veto rule for email resolutions) we shall have failed our charter.

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