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Ean Schuessler ean at
Fri Feb 14 22:15:49 UTC 2003

Totally agree with Ian. 

I am reading along via the web archive. CCing the board list is not
raising my level of attention.

I haven't put in my two cents because: a) I'm not on the committee and
b)I'm too busy dying my hair pink for St. Valentine's day. So, clearly,
you can see I have to address things in order of priority.

The tone of this discussion is emblematic of precisely the kind of
problems we are trying to solve. Getting to where we can conduct
business without getting embroiled in continous counter productive
flaming is critical to the future of our organization.

Maybe we need to write a referee into the bylaws. Put people in a
penalty box when they make off-topic personal remarks. I don't know.
Whatever it takes. That's what you guys are here to figure out. As far
as I am concerned nothing is sacred if a more sensible alternative is

Anyway, please squelch your desire to snipe at each other and focus on
getting our business procedures streamlined.

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 15:39, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Can you please stop CCing the board list on this discussion ?
> Those of us on the board who want to take an interest are doing so via
> the bylaws list.  Speaking personally, the board list goes to a
> different mailbox for me, which is getting quite clogged up !
> Thanks,
> Ian.
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