Revised Agenda

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Thu Feb 20 11:30:33 UTC 2003


This supercedes the agenda we were working on, from and
incorporates the proposal from which uses
Manoj's and Taral's suggestions.

I've posted some suggested deadlines that we should try to stick to, so that
we can have our final product out well in advance of the general meeting.  I
think it's plenty liberal for our purposes, but if not, there is certainly
wiggle room there.

Draft agenda, present -- June 2003

Items marked with a * have been completed and detail has been removed.

*1. Self-organization
*   a. Voting procedures
*   b. Deciding on our output
*   c. Selection of first secretary

2. Identification of problems
   Deadline for completion: March 1
*   a. Compilation of lists of problems
*      Each person submits a list of problems to the mailing list.
*      The secretary takes these and posts a single large document.
   b. Brief prioritization
      Items get organized into high, medium, and low-priority categories.
      The secretary issues a new document ordered by priorities.

3. Analysis of problems
   Deadline for completion: April 15
   a. Starting with the highest-priority items, we discuss each item
      in a separate e-mail thread, using the Subject line to differentiate
      between items.  The chairman ensures that every item gets discussed
      within constraints of available time.  (If we run out of time,
      low-priority items may be skipped).
   b. For each item, we decide if the best solution involves a bylaws
      change.  If not, we communicate our analysis and recommendations
      to other responsible people (such as the board or membership
      committee) if applicable.
   c. For each item whose best solution involves a bylaws change,
      we agree on an appropriate change.  The secretary adds that change
      to a running document recording all our proposed amendments.

4. Review of proposals
   Deadline for completion: May 1
   We review the final document from step 3 as maintained by the secretary
   in 3(c), checking for internal consistency, typos, vagueness, and
   any other things that needs to be fixed.  The secretary incorporates
   our changes into the document.

5. Publication of results
   Deadline for completion: May 15
   We will publish results as listed in section 1b in accordance
   with our charter.

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