Result for vote regarding new members for the board of directors

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho gaia at
Sat Feb 22 23:07:14 UTC 2003

On 20030222T145642-0500, Branden Robinson / SPI Treasurer wrote:
> I should re-iterate that under the SPI bylaws, this election does not in
> and of itself appoint new people to the SPI Board; only a vote of the
> Board itself can do this.  This election basically serves as a
> recommendation of the membership.  Of course, the bylaws can be changed
> to permit "direct election" of Board members by the organizational
> membership, and if you feel that that should be the case, I suggest you
> let the Bylaws Revision Committee know this:
>   spi-bylaws at

Where I live, in an organization such as what SPI would be if it would
be under local laws, it would be outright illegal for a board to decide
on its members (the decision must be by the membership, or by their
elected representatives).  I was quite astonished to find out that this
is not the case in the USA, and I do consider it a flaw that the SPI
bylaws do not make it so.

The board *must* be under the membership's control, in all respects.
Therefore I am in favour of direct election (not just permitted, but

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