Starting our review

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Mon Mar 10 16:04:33 UTC 2003

Per our agenda at,
it's time to get into our analysis of problems phase.

Our agenda says we'll do it this way:
3. Analysis of problems
   Deadline for completion: April 15
   a. Starting with the highest-priority items, we discuss each item
      in a separate e-mail thread, using the Subject line to differentiate
      between items.  The chairman ensures that every item gets discussed
      within constraints of available time.  (If we run out of time,
      low-priority items may be skipped).
   b. For each item, we decide if the best solution involves a bylaws
      change.  If not, we communicate our analysis and recommendations
      to other responsible people (such as the board or membership
      committee) if applicable.
   c. For each item whose best solution involves a bylaws change,
      we agree on an appropriate change.  The secretary adds that change
      to a running document recording all our proposed amendments.

I will take care of starting the new threads per (a).  I will ask the
secretary to keep track of a new bylaws document with running changes.  It
will be nicest if this could be posted on a website somewhere, and
periodically sent to the list.  Please start with the existing bylaws as
posted on SPI's website.

I am going to start the first three threads today, and depending on how that
discussion goes, may start some more soonish as well.

Remember, for each item, our flowchart looks like this:

 1. Decide if the best solution involves a bylaws change.  If not,
    communicate analysis to responsible people and exit.

 2. Agree on an appropriate change.

 3. Secretary updates our proposal document with the change.

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