#02: Recall of Board Members

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Fri Mar 21 15:25:02 UTC 2003

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 10:09:51AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> 02 Recall of board members (presumably by the membership)

And here is a specific proposal for this one:

1. Any board member or officer can be recalled by a 2/3 vote of
   the membership.

2. A ballot for such a recall has only two options: Recall the member and
   leave the member in place, and is tallied using a simple count -- no
   condorcet voting.  If the membership wishes to recall more than one
   member, each one must be the subject of a separate ballot or question.

3. No individual board member may be the subject of more than one
   recall vote within any given 90-day period.

4. If the recall vote turns out in favor of removing the member, the member
   is expelled from the board immediately, and any position as officer
   is immediately relenquished.

5. Upon a vacancy on the board or for an officer (whether or not it arises
   because of this procedure), if the next election for that particular seat
   is x days or less away, the seat will be unfilled until the election,
   at which point it will be filled using regular annual procedures.
   A recalled member *is* eligible for election here.

   Otherwise, an election will be called immediately for this particular
   seat only.

   A person elected under this clause will serve out the remainder of
   the seat to which he/she is elected, and will be subject to re-election
   at the next regularly scheduled annual election for that seat.

We will need to refine that x-day period based on the regular election
procedures we adopt, and may need to alter #5 based on that as well.


1. I think all board members and officers should be held thusly responsible,
   and I think the bar should be higher than half.

2. The recall vote should be easily interpreted and decided, and since it
   has only two options, condorcet is not needed.

3. This means that if the recall vote fails and the person remains a member
   of the board, the membership cannot raise vote after vote calling for the
   recall.  It also means that if the recall vote succeeds but the person
   is elected back to the board, a recall vote cannot be immediately

4. I see no need for any delay, and in fact, it could cause a "burn the
   bridges" problem.

5. If the next election is close enough that a replacement couldn't be
   elected before it anyway, then there's no need to hold a separate
   election; just deal with it normally.

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