#02: Recall of Board Members

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Wed Mar 26 15:27:27 UTC 2003

[chairman hat on]
Again, we need to move fast.  Since there have been no other proposals on
this one either, but there has been more discussion than on #01, I'll set
the deadline for disagreement at 72 hours from now.
[chairman hat off]

I propose the following amendment:

The paragraph in Article 7 beginning with "Vacancies in the Board" shall be

The paragraph in Article 7 beginning with "A director may be removed" shall
be removed.

In its place, the following shall be inserted:

  Any Board member, including officers, may be removed from the board upon
  the vote of 2/3 of the membership.  No individual vote or call for votes
  may apply to more than one person.  No personl may be the subject of more
  than one recall vote within any given 90-day period.
  Subject to the above, the membership may call for a recall vote if 10
  members publically identify themselves as supporting such a vote.  This
  shall constitute a call for votes, and an vote among the membership shall
  then be held immediately.  All contributing members are eligible to vote. 
  A ballot shall have only two options: recall the Board member, or leave
  the member in place.  The vote is tallied with a simple count.
  If the vote to remove the Board member passes, the member is immediately
  removed from the Board and any position as officer.
  The member that is the subject of a removal vote may vote on that
  question.  The removal of a Board member does not render that person
  un-eligible to run for re-election.
  When a vacancy occurs on the board for any reason, whether or not a
  result of a removal vote, if the next regular election for that particular
  seat is 40 days or less away, the seat will be unfilled until the regular
  election, at which point it will be filled using the regular procedures
  laid out in this Article.  If the next regular election for the empty seat
  is more than 40 days away, a special election will be called immediately
  for that particular seat only.  The winner of that election will serve out
  the balance of the term, and the seat will be subject to re-election at
  the normal time.  

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