#02: Recall of Board Members

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Wed Mar 26 16:32:55 UTC 2003

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 11:00:36AM -0500, David Graham wrote:
> >   Any Board member, including officers, may be removed from the board upon
> >   the vote of 2/3 of the membership.  No individual vote or call for votes
> >   may apply to more than one person.  No personl may be the subject of more
> >   than one recall vote within any given 90-day period.
> of the +contributing+ membership. 2/3 may be a bit of a high bar without a
> strict mandate to the membership committee to purge inactive contributing
> members, which is a hopelessly difficult task. If we ask 2/3 of the

It's 2/3 of the votes cast.  Perhaps that should be clarified.  Yes,
contributing membership.

> more or less self-defeating with the bar set that high. I would be for a
> "vote of 2/3 of the contributing membership who cast ballots" subject to
> the normal quorum, announcement, and duration requirements.

That's exactly what I was proposing, just not as clearly.

> s/an vote/a vote/ and I think "shall then be held immediately" would be
> better served it is held "according to standard vote procedures" which
> would then need to provide time limits, annoucement requirements, etc.

Makes sense.

> Would it be appropriate to mention that this (to run in the byelection) is
> how a board member can appeal such a decision?

No, I think an appeal is a more ephemeral thing in this case.  We can let
people look at it like that if they wish.

Would you be in favor of this proposal if I amend it to fix the problems you
mentioned above?

-- John

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