#06: Public resolutions

David Graham cdlu at pkl.net
Tue Apr 1 16:05:46 UTC 2003

You're right, I used notwithstanding backward. I always thought
notwithstanding meant "not withstanding" ie statement after takes
precedence over statement before.

With that in mind...

"Any resolution passed by the Board of Directors of this organisation may,
 with the absolute unanimous consent of all Board members, be kept
 confidential from the membership and the public. If any Board member
 decides at a future date that the resolution should no longer be
 confidential, unanimous consent will be considered to no longer exist and
 the resolution will henceforth be available to the membership.

 "No resolution may be considered enacted or enforceable until it is
 available to the entire organisation's membership, unless said resolution
 has been declared confidential per Paragraph (article.paragraph)."

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