#04: Electronic Meetings [CALL FOR VOTES]

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Fri Jun 27 15:36:29 UTC 2003

[ chairman hat on ]

The below bylaws amendment is up for vote among bylaws committee members.

Committee members, please reply to this message with your vote.  Yes or no
only, please.

This vote will end one week from today or when three yes or three no
votes are received, since the outcome will then be certain.

This takes David's proposed text and adds the word "fair" in the last
paragraph and a definition of participation.  If that is objectionable, vote
NO and we'll post a new version.

[ proposal follows ]

This proposal is drafted as an amendment on top of the quorum issues
amendment (#03) at

In front of the new text added by that proposal ("There shall be no quorum
requirement..."), add this new paragraph:

  A meeting is any event, occasion, or discussion where at least one vote
  is held among members of the board and sufficient members vote for that
  vote to be considered binding.

Append the following to the end of the paragraph approved in #03:

  The participation requirement is met only when a given board member
  votes or expresses a wish to abstain on a specific issue.

And add this new paragraph after that:

  Votes may be conducted in any fair way the Board sees fit, provided it
  meets the above mentionned conditions.

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