Meetings and Minutes and More

Jimmy Kaplowitz jimmy at
Sat Jun 28 05:21:06 UTC 2003

A few questions:

- The current bylaws have an Article Six that specifies the order of
  business of a meeting. Not that we follow it now, but should we change
  this or eliminate it? It doesn't work very well with our new
  definition of a meeting, and it requires certain things (such as
  minutes being read) to be done at certain points in the meeting.

- Are we going to require the board to keep minutes of meetings such as
  email discussions? It seems implied by the above and by other
  occurrences of the word "minutes" in the bylaws at various points. Are
  these going to have to be made public? Also, the Treasurer's report
  needs to be "physically affixed" to the minutes of the meeting in which
  they happen. How are we going to adapt this to our electronic

- We need to amend our board member election amendment to replace 2003
  with 2004 and 2004 with 2005, unless we think we're going to finish up
  really quickly.

I know most of this is out of order and would have been allowable
primarily in our identification of problems phase, but these are things
that we are apparently going to be directly contradicting, rather than
things that could simply be improved. Therefore, we should at least
consider them.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
jimmy at
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