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Sat Jun 28 06:41:56 UTC 2003

On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 01:21:06AM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> - The current bylaws have an Article Six that specifies the order of
>   business of a meeting. Not that we follow it now, but should we change
>   this or eliminate it? It doesn't work very well with our new
>   definition of a meeting, and it requires certain things (such as
>   minutes being read) to be done at certain points in the meeting.

Kill it. Order of business shouldn't be in the bylaws unless we really
require something be done.

> - Are we going to require the board to keep minutes of meetings such as
>   email discussions? It seems implied by the above and by other
>   occurrences of the word "minutes" in the bylaws at various points. Are
>   these going to have to be made public? Also, the Treasurer's report
>   needs to be "physically affixed" to the minutes of the meeting in which
>   they happen. How are we going to adapt this to our electronic
>   meetings?

Yes, minutes should be kept and approved for every meeting, and they
should be made public. Replace "physically affixed" with "included
with" -- that should solve that little problem.

> - We need to amend our board member election amendment to replace 2003
>   with 2004 and 2004 with 2005, unless we think we're going to finish up
>   really quickly.


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