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Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Thu Dec 4 07:44:45 UTC 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 11:10:33AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
>  * Article 7: Board and officer election procedures

There has been a deal of talking about board member elections (and
some actually board and officer elections!) since the proposal was

I'd like to get a sense of the justification behind the proposal as it
stands and the feelings of the committee about an alternative proposal
(something along the lines of a 3/3/4 3-year election cycle) to decide
if making alternative proposal along these lines is something I think
is a good idea.

I'd also like to talk about a transition plan for both or either

I haven't look at the bylaws proposals in some months but I don't
foresee a problems with the alternative.


Benjamin Mako Hill
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