Bylaw proposals revision issue

David Graham cdlu at
Thu Dec 4 17:36:31 UTC 2003

There's one thing I'm not comfortable with in our existing proposals which
I believe we'll need to revise and attempt to correct or clarify.

For those who've lost it, our stuff is at:

As it currently stands, I'm concerned that it is left up to interpretation
whether or not officers and board members can exchange roles between
elections, and thus allow a board member to get a role as an officer and
live as an officer through a member election and back and forth allowing a
theoretically infinite amount of time without an election. To be sure that
this can't happen, I'd like to propose the following clarification:

Add somewhere in the voting section:

No board member may shift roles between Officers or between Officer and
non-Officer roles, except for the Secretary, whose role is covered
separately under (this clause: After each annual election, the entire
Board, including new members, shall pass a resolution appointing a
secretary. The Board may also pass a new resolution at any time selecting
a new secretary. The secretary selected must already be a non-officer
member of the Board.).

I'd also like to propose that we chapter-and-verse the whole by-laws so
that it is easier for referencing within the by-laws and by resolutions
and so-forth outside of the bylaws. Having an article is fine, but having
clearly numbered Article.paragraph.subcondition numbering would be useful.

David "cdlu" Graham
Guelph, Ontario
cdlu at

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