Active list?

Tim Post at
Sat Jun 23 14:14:28 UTC 2007

Hello to all, 

New member, just going through the available lists and subscribing to
those that look interesting.

After looking to the archives, I see the spam bots have been chattering
away but wondered if humans were likely to post here too?

My interest in the topic is examining 'tamper proofing' of medical
devices containing OSI approved-licensed free works, and examining how
all of these licenses may or may not apply to things like medical
devices, fire alarm systems and other things likely to be using 'tamper
proof' free software.

There are equally compelling arguments for and against concessions for
these types of devices that might be viewed as limiting the freedom of
the owner.

The GPL stance is pretty clear, but there's lots of other licenses. I
hope to accomplish the research so its available if its determined that
legislative changes should be proposed. For instance, laws that mandate
tamper proofing should also regulate maintenance fees? Can keys be
shipped to countries that don't follow the FDA guidelines? Have
manufacturers denied these keys to countries who are legally entitled to
have them citing laws that don't apply?

Is this the appropriate list to put out a call for papers on the topic?
If not, might you be so kind as to suggest another?

I only want to paint a picture of what might happen in many scenarios,
not suggesting one as better than the other. Existing papers asking this
question with other licenses in mind would save me lots of time.

Thank you in advance, 

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