Ian Jackson ian at
Mon Nov 16 14:44:07 UTC 1998

Nils Lohner writes ("Patents"):
> I'm sure most people by now have had a chance to read the article by Bruce 
> regarding software patents... one of the concepts he brings up is an 
> organization to work for the community in helping with patent related 
> issues.  SPI is mentioned as one of the possibilities, FSF as another.  What 
> do people think of this idea, and how should the problem in general be 
> approached?
> The URL to the article is:

I agree with Bruce, and I think SPI would be an excellent vehicle for

We need to firm up our position on IPR we hold, and publish a
statement about what the rules will be for such patents, and then we
should post an announcement requesting that free software developers
who have had what they think might be patentable ideas contact us.


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