[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

bruce at perens.com bruce at perens.com
Fri Apr 2 19:59:25 UTC 1999

Sorry for joining the thread so late - my DSL was down for three days.

From: Joseph Carter <knghtbrd at debian.org>
> I formally propose that SPI step in and take control of its intellectual
> property.

I concur.

> So far I can name two such instances in which non-free licenses are being
> called Open Source.  The first is Apple's license


> The other real recent example may or may not have been directly endorsed
> by OSI---I don't know for certain.  The bitkeeper license is NOT Open
> Source

I spoke with Larry McVoy on the phone yesterday, it's very clear that he
is _not_ promoting the license as Open Source, and OSI is not accepting it
as such.



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