Bylwas Revision[2]: COMMITTEES

Will Lowe harpo at UDel.Edu
Fri Apr 2 21:26:07 UTC 1999

> - if a committee is no longer necessary it should be disbanded.  This can be 
> done by the BOD or a vote of the membership.
What sort of vote?  Quorum,  two-thirds?

> Actually, should the committee have an official membership? 
Yes.  If a comittee is going to "be responsible for the day-to-day running
of SPI" (i.e.,  they're going to make day-to-day descisions on behalf of
the company),  we may eventually end up in legal trouble if there's no one
who is officially responsible.

> - should non-contributing members be able to serve on committees? 
> - what should the internal structure of the committee look like?
On the same tack,  should committees be required to hold discussion on
publically-available lists?  I understand that in some cases this simply
isn't an option,  but in many cases it might be best if all committee
discussions were done in front of the world.  Maybe a list for the
committee which only the committee can send to,  but everybody can read?


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