[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

bruce at perens.com bruce at perens.com
Sat Apr 3 06:53:27 UTC 1999

From: Joseph Carter <knghtbrd at debian.org>
> One single person on the OSI board says they are doing this on one single
> mailing list.  He agrees the export issue is a real issue and that the
> termination cause is undesirable.  He has only acknowledged the export
> thing to actually be a problem with the OSD and says it was an honest
> mistake.

That's nice. Perhaps Eric Raymond should say it. Unfortunately, he seems to
be stuck responding to every criticism as if it was a personal challenge to
his authority and nothing more.

By the way, regarding "civility" - OSI was contacted before my open letter
was released. Russ Nelson's response was not entirely civil (unusual for him),
and I don't believe that any of the OSI members online at that time knew the
identity of the Apple contact, and Eric was offline as usual. I had to find
the contact's name out _through_the_press_. A day later Apple opened mailing
lists and apologized to me for the lack of a path for public feedback.



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