[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

bruce at perens.com bruce at perens.com
Sat Apr 3 07:02:04 UTC 1999

I guess the main problem I have is the back-room dealing that seems to be
going on. Netscape had Eric and I _consult_ on their license, and then
they had a public comment period before the license was finalized. Apple
comes out with a license declared as Open Source as a fait a compli, and
(at least to start with) no path for public comment.

I'm also concerned about how Eric changed his tune about enforcing the
Open Source trademark after I'd already worked on it for an entire year.
He started arbitrarily handing out the right to use it, once even overriding
the entire Open Source Initiative board (when he gave the right to O'Reilly
for the Open Source Summit and Open Source Expo). I also do not believe that
there was actually a vote of the Open Source board before APSL approval, as
far as I can tell there would not have been time - I think this is another
occassion where Eric made his own call.


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