Bylwas Revision[2]: COMMITTEES

Wichert Akkerman wichert at
Sat Apr 3 12:32:34 UTC 1999

Previously Nils Lohner wrote:
> - they should be governed by the BOD, meaning they report to the BOD, and 
> the BOD can override their decisions (if necessary- this should be an 
> extreme case)

So extreme I'ld rather have a general resolution needed for this.

> - committees can propose resolutions and motions

Can't members propose something as well? 

> Charter
> -------
> - the BOD issues and revoke charters (i.e. create and disband committees).  

add `in close coordination with the committee leader'

> Leadership and Membership
> -------------------------
> - the BOD appoints the committee leadership (leaders and alternates)

How about adding something like `If a leader leaves the new leader is
appointed by the BOD, after consultation with the leaving leader.' ?

> ----------
> - how are members appointed?  BOD?  Leaders?  Membership?  Actually, should 
> the committee have an official membership?  The membership of a committee 
> should be 'slow moving' i.e. committees should not have a 'revolving door' 
> membership with a quick turnover.  How do we accomplish this?

People should volunteer (or can be asked to volunteer) for a committee,
and then a selection should be made. Preferably by the BOD and an
already select committee leader.

> - should non-contributing members be able to serve on committees? 

I'ld say yes, but give contributing members preference when selecting
members if enough people volunteern

> - what should the internal structure of the committee look like?

Depends highly on the committee, and as such this probably shouldn't
be in the bylaws.


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