John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Tue Apr 6 04:39:42 UTC 1999

Christoph Lameter <christoph at> writes:

> I wonder if SPI would be willing to take LUGs as projects. I have two LUGs
> in my area that might be interested in getting tax-deductable donations
> and have some official status.
> How about websites and email lists for LUGs?

At first, I was thinking, "hey wow, great idea."  However, on second
thought, it gets stickier.  What if LUGs are promoting things that SPI 
disagrees with?  For instance, maybe they are doing a Linux Install
and advocating the use of non-free software or distributions with a
lot of non-free software (eg, Caldera, and to a lesser extent,
RedHat).  What do we do then?  If SPI is sponsoring the LUG, cutting
off support is a great way to make enemies and look like bad guys
fast.  OTOH, we can't really keep supporting a LUG that is advocating
positions we disagree with.

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