Al Gore goes "Open Source"?

J.H.M. Dassen jdassen at
Wed Apr 7 20:13:02 UTC 1999

Seen on /. (sorry, I can't get a working URL for the article itself at the
:Posted by CmdrTaco on 12:35 07 April 1999 EDT
:from the sad-publicity-in-politics dept.
:Mike at ABC writes "Can a web site be open source? Al Gore says so, and the
:man did create the Internet, after all. Gore is looking for people to
:contribute code for his presidential campaign site. The page says: "This is
:your web site -- IT'S OPEN SOURCE -- and I want you to help us build it." "
:They even have a cute little "Gore 2000 Logo" for officially approved "Gore
:2000 Merchandise". And Tipper has her own section! Funniest thing I've seen
:all morning. I wonder if this will meet the open source requirements. 

I strongly doubt this fits the Open Source definition, and I suspect this
will be yet another contributing factor to the effective watering down of
the meaning of "Open Source" to "meaningless buzzphrase" in the public's
mind if it isn't corrected. Could someone please draft a nice letter
encouraging Mr. Gore('s campaign team) to use "Open Source" in accordance
with the service mark, or refrain from using it?

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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