Al Gore goes "Open Source"?

Jonathan P Tomer phouchg at
Wed Apr 7 20:48:57 UTC 1999

> Ugh!  It's even worse that that.  Look at the page source:
> <!-------Attention Open Source Enthusiasts!--------------------
> [We want to exploit you while looking good to the vast majority of
> people who won't actually read this! Help us out by sending mail
> to...] -------------->

bad... but fortunately for us, it's also purely violating the dfsg/osd,
because (a) there's no licence anywhere on the page (copyright 1999, all
rights reserved), and (b) there's restriction *beyond* the lack of licence:

                          Important Legal Notices             
                       Source Code Volunteer Project          
    Only individuals acting as volunteers may participate in source code
    volunteer efforts. No individual may be paid for their efforts. When
       submitting your source code, please provide your name, address   
   (mailing address and e-mail address), occupation and the name of your
      By submitting this source code you warrant that the code is your  
   original product and you have not reproduced, counterfeited, copied or
      colorably imitated any, copyright trademark, or service mark or  
                     violated any federal or state law.                  
       Further, this source code is not being submitted by a company,    
   business, labor union or other organization, or any federal, state or
   municipal agency and has not been produced using the facilities of any
                                such groups.                            

so evidently they think "open source" means "we'll let you work for free for
us" *and* even then you can't provide anything if you are not employed, or
if you are a company/, business, labor union, or other organization(!)  and
you can't violate any <ok, you can see it too>. if it weren't for the fact
that i have no actual power whatsoever i'd write them a letter; if anybody
with more authority or fame than i would like to do so first i'd prefer
it. if nothing is forthcoming i will tho.

and btw, if you're interested, the url is

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