[DRAFT 1] Bylwas Revision: COMMITTEES

Nils Lohner lohner at typhoon.icd.teradyne.com
Thu Apr 8 20:52:02 UTC 1999

Here's the thinking.  Forming committees is not trivial since writing a 
charter takes time.  I think people should just get up and do what needs to 
be done... sort of the way it is in Debian.  I never officially got to be 
assigned as the 'Press Contact', I just started doing the work with IWJs 
approval and kept going.  Now I think that a Publicity Committee would be 
appropriate, for both Debian and SPI.  But I think that one time or short 
term things should just get done without going through the longer process of 
forming a committee.

So, if people want to do something, ask a board member, and if its a trivial 
task (i.e. no large political ramifications, etc.) should be able to just do 
it.  If it's a larger issue that takes some time, let people discuss it and 
deal with it as designated by the board, and if it's an issue that requires 
long term care, or is a recurring issue (publicity, trade shows, trademarks, 
projects, etc.) then form a committee. This concept is not that tough.

Sorry for the brief style, but I'm in a hurry.


In message <Pine.LNX.4.03.9904081322520.2818-100000 at cyrix200.lameter.com>, 
stoph Lameter writes:
>So board members alone are dealing with one time issues and there is a
>prohibition against forming a committee for that purpose?
>I am confused about this rule.
>On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Dale Scheetz wrote:
>> On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Christoph Lameter wrote:
>> > On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Darren O. Benham wrote:
>> > 
>> > > On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 12:13:17PM -0400, Nils Lohner wrote:
>> > > >  Committees are an extension of the board of directors and take care o
>f the 
>> > > > day to day operation of the organization.  They are set up to deal wit
>> > > > ongoing issues within the organization.
>> > > Committees are an extension of the board of directors and take care of t
>> > > daily ongoing concerns of the organization|corporation.  They are not to
> be
>> > > formed for one-time or short term situations.
>> > 
>> > How do we deal with short term situations or one time issues?
>> If there is no current committee that is appropriate, I would assume that
>> one of the board members would do the work, after consutation with fellow
>> board members.
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