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PC Week, "Microsoft to go open source? Not likely"

>Muth said comments made by Microsoft President Steve Ballmer and
>other company executives at the Windows Hardware Engineering
>Conference in Los Angeles earlier this week were interpreted without
>having a clear understanding of how Microsoft defines "open source."
>Muth said the term "open source" has a variety of meanings, and the
>company's definition differs from the one used to describe Unix and
>the increasingly popular Linux -- in which a worldwide community of
>developers is able to freely extend, modify and commercialize versions
>of the software."

>... its definition of "open source code licenses" means making the
>technology available to only a select group of computer scientists,
>researchers, original equipment manufacturers and engineering
>partners, who are offered the code under a set of restrictions that
>prohibit them from commercializing the technology in any way, Muth


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