[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Apr 10 05:08:20 UTC 1999

Anthony Towns writes:
 > On Sat, Apr 10, 1999 at 04:16:09AM -0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > Anthony Towns writes:
 > >  > My major problem, though, is that Eric is acting with the support of the
 > >  > OSI board (although if you believe Bruce, even that's questionable), and
 > >  > that's about it.  There's no community involvement at all.
 > > We've already voted to establish a mailing list for discussing
 > > licenses.  I'm waiting for a few technical changes to announce the
 > > list.  In the meantime I can add you by hand if you wish, although
 > > there's no discussion since there's no way to get to that address.
 > Cool.
 > How will this mailing list be used? Will comments raised on that list
 > be taken into account before or after a license is deemed open source?


 > How will comments from that list be taken into account?

I have no idea.  The board is comprised of six individuals.  I expect
that they will all have their own method of taking it into account
when board decisions are made.

 > I trust every post from the first will be publically archived?


 > >  >      * This should read ``The Open Source Initiative is
 > >  > 	  currently working with Apple to fix the few remaining flaws in
 > >  > 	  the license'', or something similar.
 > > One doesn't admit to a mistake without having a solution in place.
 > > It's simply not done.
 > It is too done.

You're confusing what hackers do amongst themselves with what suits do.
OSI doesn't exist to talk to hackers.  It talks to suits, and has to
talk their language.

 > Further, not doing it makes you look like you're not interested in
 > correcting those mistakes.

There will be an APSL 1.1.

 > >  > 	* OSI publically consult before granting any license OS status.
 > > Will be done.  Any other demands?
 > Put a link to board at opensource.org on the `Roster of the Board' page
 > at www.opensource.org. Replace the <a href="mailto:esr">mail us</a>
 > links with links to board at opensource.org.

I'd really, really rather *not* get a ton of mail sent to that address 

 > Those would be my demands. I'd also like to see OSI keep a record of
 > licenses that are open source, and ones that aren't on the opensource.org
 > pages; ideally with some discussion of what's good about them and what's
 > not.

The OSD 1.3 has the ones that are.  There are too many others to list

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