[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Apr 11 01:29:02 UTC 1999

Will Lowe writes:
 > >  > Admitting your mistakes, your bugs, your design flaws, whatever is a key
 > >  > element of free software development.
 > > You are absolutely right.  That is how hackers do things.  It's
 > > completely lacking in a business environment.  If we were to be seen
 > > as hackers, we would get the same regard that hackers have always
 > > gotten: zero.
 > 	Hmm.  Hackers got some pretty big regard with Mozilla, the first
 > time around.  And the Halloween documents show some regard, too :). I
 > thought this whole thing was about 'them' (suits) coming to 'us'(1) (Free
 > Software), and not the other way around?  Yeah,  I understand the need to
 > meet in the middle,  but still ... I don't want to play in their backyard.
 > They want to play in mine.

Right, and if they want to do so using Open Source(tm), they have to
abide by the rules.  And that means "free [their] software".

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