[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Apr 11 02:52:50 UTC 1999

Dean Brettle writes:
 > The problem I see is that the same people who are doing the
 > advising on a license are also certifying the same license.
 > Combining the two roles can lead to certification based on
 > information not contained in the license itself.

Sounds like good advice to me, but probably not necessary since we've
established a mailing list for discussing licenses.  The motion
approved by the board read as follows:

To improve the process of evaluating proposed licenses as
OSD-compliant, we will establish an open mailing list where such
proposed licenses may be discussed.  The names of the companies
associated with such licenses may be anonymized.

The list is at mailto:license-discuss-subscribe at opensource.org

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