[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Apr 11 03:04:11 UTC 1999

Lynn Winebarger writes:
 > Frankly, though, given the attitudes evinced publicly by ESR and
 > yourself (here), it's not clear to me that letting the situation
 > remain as is is a worthwhile tradeoff for avoiding the spectacle of
 > a dispute over the mark.

Been there, done that, it wasn't worth it.  Ask the SPI board for the
URL to the results of the community consultation performed last year
(I don't know the URL).  Basically the results were "SPI looks like a
bunch of idiots", "OSI looks like a bunch of idiots", and "SPI and OSI
look like a bunch of idiots".

Nobody on either board is eager to hoe that row again.  Non-cooperation
is a non-possibility.

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