[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Apr 11 04:36:56 UTC 1999

Anthony Towns writes:
 > The whole point of having an open organisation is that anyone can
 > help. You only get to use the `So do it yourself' excuse if we *can*
 > do it ourselves, and the only way we can do that -- the only way we'd
 > *want* to do that -- is if you're an open organisation.

Who was ever stopping you from contributing?

 > >  > Admitting your mistakes, your bugs, your design flaws, whatever is a key
 > >  > element of free software development.
 > > You are absolutely right.  That is how hackers do things.  It's
 > > completely lacking in a business environment.  If we were to be seen
 > > as hackers, we would get the same regard that hackers have always
 > > gotten: zero.
 > You keep repeating this assertion, and I keep being unimpressed by it.

I know.

 > The idea here is to get suits to join the hacker culture, at least to some
 > extend. Giving up on important bits of it just because they might frown
 > a little at you isn't the way to go.

And who is doing that?  Not us.

 > > The way free software people respond to feature requests is "send code."
 > So may we? Can I take this as a real offer, and forward it to the folks at
 > debian-legal so we can do this?

Who was ever stopping you?

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