[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Marcus Brinkmann Marcus.Brinkmann at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sun Apr 11 10:28:36 UTC 1999

On Sun, Apr 11, 1999 at 01:29:02AM -0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Right, and if they want to do so using Open Source(tm), they have to
> abide by the rules.  And that means "free [their] software".

Yeah, that's one fundamental prerequisite. But that will not mean that we
"choose to play with them", to stretch the analogy.

There is a lot more behind it: for example, good faith and mind share. I
wonder if the members of the OSI board read the "reflections about the past
year" by Frank Hecker from Mozilla. http://www.mozilla.org/mozilla-at-one.html
(It seems thatat least ESR read it, judging by the "open letter to
Microsoft" [[on that I better not comment]])

The point is that the company must make a good effort to go Free Software,
or the bazaar model doesn't work because of lack of participiation.


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