[DRAFT 1] Definition of Motions and Resolutions

Darren O. Benham gecko at benham.net
Fri Apr 16 01:08:06 UTC 1999

On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 06:18:36PM -0400, Nils Lohner wrote:
> [This resolution lays down some basic definitions that may be important in 
> the bylaws discussion- especially the voting section.  We will probably end 
> up with different approvals for motions and resolutions- i.e. it should be 
> easier to add the hosting of a mailing list to SPI that it should be to 
> change the bylaws themselves, and a simple appointment to a position should 
> be less difficult that creating a new position etc.
> Comments/additions are welcome.  I know some of this is awkwardly worded, 
> so please feel free to suggest improvements.
>  --Nils]

After reading this proposal, it can be avoided entirely.  In many
organizations, key documents (such as by-laws, articles, constitutions,
etc) include the proceedure for amending themselves.  Anything that doesn't
have that specification is changed by the "default" method (motion).  On
top of that, there'd be nothing wrong with a standard "cut-n-paste" of such
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