Bylaws Revision: VOTING

kevind at kevind at
Sat Apr 17 11:41:03 UTC 1999

"Nils Lohner" <lohner at> writes:

> - add basic some definitions:
>    Simple Majority: >50%
>    Majority: 2/3 (or >2/3 ?)
>    Super Majority: 2/3 + 1, or maybe 3/4?

Please don't define majority to be two-thirds.  Majority is a
well-defined term which means more than half.  Redefining majority is
a bad idea.  When a two-thirds vote is needed, it is easy to state
"two-thirds vote".  Off hand, I can't think of a need to distinguish
between two-thirds and two-thirds plus one.  I would choose two-thirds 
because it is simpler.

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