possible donation

George Bonser grep at shorelink.com
Mon Apr 19 01:36:14 UTC 1999

I have a couple of Sun Ultra5 machines that I am not using right now. If I
were to put them on the net and give someone from SPI root, would they be
useful for the Debian project? I can provide admin support for changing
hardware, rebooting, etc. I could possibly also rig up console access via
a serial connection to another linux box in the same rack.

These units are 10/100 ethernet and I have both 10 and 100 MBPS networks
available. They are also SCSI with 4.5G per unit. Both are brand new but
the project they were tagged for was cancelled.

I have the slink SPARC CDROM set, will these work with UltraSPARC?

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