APSL 1.1

Raul Miller rdm at test.legislate.com
Tue Apr 20 18:55:04 UTC 1999

> > 	[0] There is no distinction between bogus claims and
> >             reasonable claims.
> > 	[2] There is no guarantee that a court will ever be involved
> >             or that it will make a judgment.
> > 	[3] There is no guarantee that Apple will ever lift the
> >             suspension.

Chip Salzenberg <chip at perlsupport.com> wrote:
> This pretty much matches the real world.  Again, all Apple is doing
> here is spelling out what would otherwise have to be fought over, at
> great expense of time, money, and PR.

Er.. can you point us at the relevant references?

I've not seen this in copyright law.


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