APSL 1.1

John Hasler john at dhh.gt.org
Tue Apr 20 21:21:27 UTC 1999

Chip Salzenberg writes:
> I'm not dismissing you.  I'm pointing to the real culprits that have made
> this clause of the APSL *necessary*.

You have a legal opinion on this?  Case law?  Relevant statutes?

> Individuals and pseudo-individuals like corportations should be trusted
> in varying degrees according to their individual characters.

Publicly held corporations can be trusted only to obey the law and honor
their contracts.  This is not because the people who manage them are
dishonest or untrustworty: it's because they are subject to replacement at
any time by people who believe that much or all of what their predecessors
did was wrong.  This sort of thing happens not infrequently in the computer
industry.  Consider, to pick an example entirely at random, Apple.
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