APSL 1.1

Chip Salzenberg chip at perlsupport.com
Wed Apr 21 11:37:46 UTC 1999

According to John Hasler:
> Chip Salzenberg writes:
> > I'm not dismissing you.  I'm pointing to the real culprits that have made
> > this clause of the APSL *necessary*.
> You have a legal opinion on this?  Case law?  Relevant statutes?

"Ya got me."  No, I don't.  But the OSI has a lawyer at our disposal,
so I'll seek one.

> > Individuals and pseudo-individuals like corportations should be trusted
> > in varying degrees according to their individual characters.
> Publicly held corporations can be trusted only to obey the law and honor
> their contracts.

Oh, I agree entirely.  The law and most corporate charters actually
make it a crime for corporate officers to do 'the right thing' if that
'right thing' loses money, or makes less money than 'the wrong thing'

> ... [New] people who believe that much or all of what their predecessors
> did was wrong.  This sort of thing happens not infrequently in the computer
> industry.  Consider, to pick an example entirely at random, Apple.

*youch*  That one made contact.
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