Resolution Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

Nils Lohner lohner at
Mon Aug 16 07:52:05 UTC 1999

In message <19990816014931.I17579 at>, "Ean R . 
r" writes:
>Being nitpicky, but:
>If SPI (or the designated project[s] which have recieved the donation) wish
>to change the usage of the service, or use the service in a manner
>contrary to that initially specified, they must obtain permission from
>the service donor in advance. If the service donor is unwilling to
>provide such permission, SPI (or the designated project[s]) may
>terminate the use of the service at their discretion.
>ps. This might come into play if we have made an agreement to use a
>particular web hosting service in exchange for advertisements (or some
>such) and they begin running ads which we find disagreeable.

Hmmm... I just assumed that if we wanted to _stop_ using a resource, noone 
would complain... generally the problem is the other way around :)  I think 
that we can stop using it is implied.  I think it's tough to force someone 
to use a resource-

Donor: "Here, we're giving you bandwidth and you'll use it, by golly!!"
SPI: "Err... OK, we'll use it, no problem."
SPI then writes a script to mirror potato back and forth a few times a day.
Donor: "Hey, that's not what we meant by use- we're withdrawing the 
SPI: "OK, thank you."
Problem solved. :)

OK, the above case is a figment of my (sometimes creative) imagination... 
but you see what I mean by noone being able to force you to use a service.

Plus, this is about the 5th time this resolution has been proposed, and I 
think its about as done as a potato.  Not the Debian potato, that is, but a 
real one.  Never mind.  Just vote for it. :)


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