Bylaws Revision: VOTING[4]

Nils Lohner lohner at
Thu Jun 3 21:51:38 UTC 1999

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istoph Lameter writes:
>On Thu, 27 May 1999, Nils Lohner wrote:
>> - The voting procedures should be similar to a company and its stockholders 
>> or to a cooperative and its members
>SPI is a nonprofit and thus the term stockholders does not
>apply and might give a wrong impression.

This was just to get people thinking of the correct model, it's not in the 

>> - The board of directors together with the committees run the organization.
>> - the board of directors (and its committees) represent the membership and 
>> acts in accordance with its wishes.
>Committees are appointed by the board right? Thus the board is the
>representation of the membership and the committees are accountable to the

This was redundant; it's stated in both the membership and committee 

>Have you thought about guidelines for resignations? Resignations seem to
>be quite common and it would be good to have some rules for these.

I don't think resingations should be addressed... a letter sent to the board of directors should be sufficient.  IWe can address that inteh BOD section.

Thanks for the comments.


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