Bylaws Revision: BOD, Officers, Amendments [1]

Lynn Winebarger owinebar at
Tue Jun 8 16:07:52 UTC 1999

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:
>   >- Add text to allow easy modification of appendices
>   >  Appendices containing organizational information shall not require a vote 
>   >of the membership for modification.  They may be modified by a 2/3 vote of 
>   >the Board of Directors, unless otherwise stated therein.
> Why 2/3 rather than a simple majority?  This is organisational stuff, not
> matters of principle.
   Still, the bylaws shouldn't be changeable easily except in special
cases like the list of officers.  If it's no big deal, then 2/3 should be 
easy to get anyway.  If it is a big deal, then why would you want it to be
easy to change?


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